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Step Safely on Hardwood

Updated: Jan 21

Favorite Find: Non-Slip Stair Treads

Why It's Amazing:

  • Increased traction and safety while walking up and down steps.

  • Virtually Clear - you forget it is there.

  • Durable and Removable

Why Did I Buy It?: My dogs kept slipping and sliding on the steps. I have small children and the elderly in my home.

It all started with a sleepy Husky puppy. We live on the upper floor of our house and our new puppy wakes up to go downstairs and outside to do his morning business.

Of course, sleepy equates to drunk doggy. Seppala Huskies have long legs, so he went down faster than expected, and basically barreled down the spiral steps we have, and then ended with a slide into the wall. Ouch. We also have two boys and a German Shepherd but six years ago, I did not find a solution to make my steps less slippery especially when wearing socks. I tried the stair treads but they slipped off, became a tripping hazard, and are pretty basic looking. I also purchased outdoor sticky step treads but they were a little too industrial for indoor wood floors and steps. I was also afraid that they would damage the steps plus they were black which would stick out like a sore thumb.

After the husky sliding incident, I researched again and took a chance on a product. Product description stated it's nearly invisible and can be re-positioned without damaging the wood and you can clean, vacuum, etc. I measured the width and depth of my steps and counted my steps then ordered the 15pk of 24x4 treads.

I ordered my first set in December 2019 and then made another order in January 2020 for the rest of the staircases in the house.

How Has It Worked For Me: Since I installed them, we have had many visitors that wanted to know where we purchased them. My eight-year-old German Shepherd has been making frequent trips up and down the stairs without any problems. My 87-year-old grandmother also lives in the house and needless to say, we do not have to worry about her slipping. And of course, the drunk husky has not slipped. He does use the extra grip as a launching pad to fly, though. Thank you for reading! Be safe and stay healthy!

Step 1: Measure and count your steps.

Step 2: Order Product

Step 3: Clean the Steps

Step 4: Peel the backing

Step 5: Position without Sticking Down

Step 6: Stick it down and roller it on until it

becomes as translucent as possible.

Step 7: Enjoy!

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