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COVID-19 Essentials

Covid-19 has changed the world and our lives as we knew it. I know firsthand that you can prepare and prepare for something and still not be ready for when it arrives in your home. Early on in March 2020, we were being super careful, wearing masks, sanitizing, etc. Information was not abundant and it was constantly changing, as it still is an ongoing mystery with so many pieces to be discovered. Without going into too many details, someone in our household was severely sick and we tried to deal with it until we called an ambulance. It was a Sunday and the two EMT's did a preliminary test in the back of the ambulance and basically asked us not to go to the hospital. We were told that we will just be sitting in the waiting room and probably die before being seen and that we would have to take the trip alone. We were told they are only taking patients that are basically having a heart attack and the majority of people are being placed on ventilators. They told us to wait it out at home and try to fight it. In other words, die at home with your family. Of course this was devastating and I remember saying, "So we are on our own?"

Since we are not in contact with many people over the past few months, I wanted to share some of the things that helped us in our fight against COVID-19 and if any of it can help someone else out there, that is the main purpose.

  1. Pulse Oximeter - Reads your blood oxygen saturation level and heart rate. Because of how the virus worked, some people had no idea that their oxygen level was compromised until it was too late. We were lucky enough that a family nurse lent us one while I tried to order one. Overall, aside from the pandemic, it is always good to know if we are all receiving enough oxygen to our organs. I paid about $60 for ours during this time.

  2. Digital Thermometer - Absolutely necessary. I had some temperature guns that I used for soap and candle making while I waited for some to become available again. They were all sold out during March and April of 2020. I paid $99 for mine at the time.

  3. Nebulizer - We live in a household with someone elderly with asthma. We were lucky to have one available but for purposes of quarantine, we ordered our own. We also ordered the saline to go with it if albuterol (prescription needed) was not available. We were able to get a prescription for albuterol which significantly helped since going to the hospital was not an option during the second week of April in New York City unless you were having a heart attack or suffocating. Ours was a teddy bear shaped which was the only one available.

  4. Elderberry Gummies - After much research, I decided to order Elderberry Gummies and I read reviews and then picked one of them. They are pretty delicious but I made sure my entire family took them everyday. I did order a separate one for kids but they did not taste as good so I just used the regular one which equated to one adult gummy. I used the Havasu and then I switched to Boost because it became too expensive.

  5. Blood Pressure Monitor - We have an out-of-state doctor in the family and when I called him, one of his first questions was regarding blood pressure and oxygen level (Pulse Oximeter - above). We use this frequently when anyone in the household feels dizzy or "weird". It happens.

My post is not sponsored, nor have I been given anything free. I have included Amazon Affiliate Links because this is where I purchased and where I was able to acquire my products during the pandemic. I paid considerably more for some of these products at the time. Thank you for reading and our family hopes that you found this information helpful. Be safe and stay healthy!