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Best Protective iPad Accessories For Kids

Two Must-Have Accessories that Take a Beating From Your Kids and Keep Your Devices In Great Condition

Why Does it Matter: It protects the devices from everyday wear and tear for a small cost compared to replacing an entire device. This is definitely something we order all the time from Amazon for all of our devices, including, our iPhones. If you trade-in devices, these accessories can definitely help to keep them in great condition.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

What Does It Do: An absolutely essential accessory that offers a great amount of protection from dirty fingers to accidental drops.

How Does It Help: Most of the time, the screen protector will crack before the screen on your phone gets damaged. At that point, remove it carefully and replace it with a new screen protector.

How Do I Know Which One To Buy: Just make sure to order the right one for your device model so that it has the proper cut-outs for the microphone, camera, etc. Many of these come in a multi-pack. Some companies offer protectors for the back and front of the phone.

Tough Case

What Does It Do: Perfect for Kids that Like to Throw Things, Bang Things and Drop Things and Carry Things.

How Does It Help: This particular case has a handle that doubles as a stand. The device is encased offering full protection.

How Do I Know Which One To Buy: Just make sure to order the right one for your device model. I do not recommend the ones that have a built-in screen protector because it is not as clear as the tempered glass and gets scratched easily resulting in a cloudy look. If that does not matter, it can offer additional protection.

Save Time & Money: By protecting our devices, we were able to upgrade our 6-year-old's iPad Mini to his brother's iPad Air by only having to buy a new case and screen protector. Now he has a "brand new" larger, faster device. His iPad Mini was protected the same way and will eventually be used for something else or traded in since it is still in excellent condition.

Overall, we are happy with the minimal cost of protecting the devices without purchasing additional insurance. Although there is no guarantee of protection, our experiences have been positive and we will continue to keep these on hand. These accessories do not protect from spills, submersion, and/or theft. For additional protection and other assurances, you can always look into Apple+ protection plans.

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