meet our candles

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"Always in the Mood"

Est. 2013

Wax: 100% Vegetable Soy Wax is a creamy natural wax that burns cleaner and slower.  Soy wax is extremely easy to clean and non-toxic. No paraffin (petroleum-based) additives in our wax.


Wick: Natural Cotton Wick (Lead and Zinc Free)


Color: Absolutely no chemical dyes or colorants.


Scent:  Premium fragrances made with essential oils - None of our fragrances contain phthalates.  We do not carry any fragrances that we are skeptical about breathing in during our candle making process.


Container: Made by one of the most reputable glass manufacturers. Decorative glass container with lid; completely re-usable.


Burn Time: 40-50+ Hours (depending on usage)


Weight: Glass Container 11oz Jar; Wax 7oz


Size: With Lid (H 4.25"x W 3.5") Without Lid (H 3.5"x W 3.5")


Image: Unobtrusive Elegant Design to Enhance  and Compliment Any Decor


Creation: Every single element of our candle making process from manufacturing to labeling is done by hand.  All of our products are Made in the USA.


Difference: Fragrant candles that burn evenly and slowly all the way to the bottom of the container.  Our candles were initially made for our own personal use.  We are confident regarding our products because we have personally mixed the ingredients.  Quality is to quantity as handmade is to mass production.