frequently asked questions

What's in your handmade soy candles?

Our candles do not contain any paraffins and is not blended. 100% Soy wax is used which burnes cleaner and longer. The candles wicks are made from natural cotton and the base is zinc-free. We do not use any colorants in our candles. All of our fragrances are phthalates free. We hated the harmful ingredients from larger companies and we hated that they did not burn evenly leaving us with a lot of waste. Our solution was to make our own because we love candles!

What makes handmade soaps different?

Handmade soaps consist of oil, water and lye by definition. There is a curing phase for handmade soaps where the end product no longer contains any lye and glycerin is a natural byproduct. Store bought bar soaps are not actually "soap". Those bars contain a lot of detergents (SLS) and most of the natural glycerin which moisturizes the skin have been intentionally stripped away which leads the consumer to require more products to "fix" skin issues.

What is in your handmade soaps?

My soaps are made with mostly vegetable and plant based oils. I do not use animal fats such as lard or tallow in my soaps. The only animal by-product that are in some of the soaps is yogurt. The palm oil that I use are from a vendor that is a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). I know because I checked! The majority of my soaps are Palm Free. The exfoliants used are mainly seeds and other natural "scrubbers". Some soaps contain fragrances which are ALL phthalates free, some contain only essential oils and some are unscented. Colorants used are FDA approved iron oxides or are naturally colored (spinach powder, turmeric, etc.). All of the soaps have their full ingredients listed and there are a variety to choose from.

How can I make my soap last longer?

Use a soap dish to allow air to circulate around the soap so that it can air dry. Using alcove shower soap holders still expose the soap to water droplets which will eventually turn your soap into mush. Soaps will last longer for some than others based on how it is used. If you use the soap under running water against your body, you are washing away a lot of the soap. Soaps will last longer using a loofah, hand to body or soaping up away from the water.

Am I soaping wrong?

Everyone showers and bathes differently. I was not even aware that this was a thing until making real soap. Some people use soap from hands to the body, some rub the soap on their bodies under running water. From personal testing of my soaps I found that it is better to thoroughly wet the body, wet the soap and step away from the running water. Lather up everywhere then go back in to rinse. By lathering up away from the water, it allows all the oils and nutrients in the soap to sit on the skin much longer than just washing it all away. I also use a loofah or sisal bag which also extends the life of the soap. Overall, showering with soap under running water will always waste a lot of the product, handmade soap or store bought bars.

Do you offer custom soap orders?

Yes! If there is a specific soap that you would like, you can customize every aspect. The custom soap will be small batch created for you (10 bars). Once we receive your customization preference, you will be quoted. Once payment is made, order will be made immediately and shipped within 3 days of creation. Although the soaps can be used upon arrival, it is still better to fully cure them 2-4 weeks from creation. If you require more than 10 bars, prices will be adjusted based on quantity. Every 10 bar creation can be different. Custom labels can also be created for special events (weddings, showers,etc.) Customizing your soap will only cost you based on the ingredients you choose. Custom labels will not cost you anything additional.