Wax that Glass Candle Company


Wax That Glass® Candle Company is a company created in 2013 by two people who love candles.  Husband and wife.  Each candle is handcrafted and poured using 100% vegetable soy wax.  Soy candle wax burns much slower than blended waxes and paraffin which are petroleum based.  The candles are infused with premium fragrances that are phthalates (thay-lates) free.   Although some phthalates have not been proven to be harmful, none of our candle fragrances contain phthalates.  Our candles also do not contain any chemical dyes or colorants.  The candles are in a premium glass jar with matching lid that can be reused .   The natural cotton wicks that are in our candles ensure an even burn - none of our wicks contain lead and/or zinc.  The final product burns fragrantly, slowly and consistently for a total of  40-50 hours.   All of our candles are Made In New York.  Visit  meet our candles .



For over 17 years, we have burned all sorts of candles from different manufacturers, handmade and mass produced. There is always a candle burning in the background of our life.  Experiences range from wasted wax, uneven burn, weak scent, and not limited to a dreadful clean up from accidental spillage.  My experiences with candles that I had purchased over the years assisted in building a comparative foundation. Unfortunately, the "great" ones contained paraffin and additives.  





We started out making the candles in different jars, colorful wax, over 25 different fragrances (some of which contained phthalates) and the names were playful and fun.   However, there were certain elements of the candle making process that made me question them and research further.  The elements I did not want my children or myself to be exposed to, whether airborne or direct skin contact,  were eliminated.  This was a personal decision.   If I felt uncomfortable burning specific candles, my morals came into play,  I would not sell this to anyone else under a false guise.  The ironic part is that some of my best sellers contained phthalates.  It was heartbreaking... for one second.  My vision is for beneficial not harmful.   Our candles are neither inferior nor superior to any other company, this is a relative statement based on individual opinion.  Different is a more accurate word to describe our candles.   We just know what we wanted out of a candle and that is what fueled our passion to make sure we knew what we were putting into ours.  


We did not start out making candles to sell;

we made them to burn.


Every product came to life based on a personal need and has grown into requests from friends, family and customers.  Our products are made in small batches.  

The overall performance of our candles exhibit quality.  We use exclusive ingredients in our candle products: moreover, all of our products are skillfully crafted and hand poured.  We are very thorough in our procedure and precise in our chemistry.  Our candles are designed to be used in any setting to create your desired ambiance or to simply compliment your mood.​​



If there was one word to describe the reason and motivation for our candle creations, it would have to be... romance.  Inspired from romantic nights, getaways, rainy days, and spa afternoons.  Sometimes the simplest luxury of a candle can alleviate the mental stress from those hectic moments.    The ambiance and mood that is set using a simple candle is why our company was born. 




We wanted to create a candle that was highly fragrant; one that burned slowly and evenly all the way down to the bottom of the container;  fragrances that performed  exceptionally, containers that exhibited elegance with unobtrusive labels; an overall image that did not interfere, but complimented the ambiance it created.   We created the perfect candle for ourselves.  Elegance in a jar.



"Scent Memories"


Scent is strongly linked to our memories, based on my education along with my own experience.  Our company believes in the emotional "spark" we experience from our olfactory senses.  It is amazing how a certain smell can instantly take us down memory lane.  Certain smells bring back those fond memories that make us close our eyes to "see" the past.  Sometimes you cannot pinpoint the smell itself, but the memories are vivid. Certain scents have a different meaning to different people.  What one person loves another may hate.  Everyone has a scent based on their individuality, whether it is based on memories or experiences. The great thing about scent is that it will always be different for every person.   An ambiance is created within our existing environment with scents that  instantly change our mood or take us to another place and time .  We want our customers to be reminded of those fond memories or simply enhance the creation of new ones. What if someone does not see an ice cream cone when they smell a vanilla scented candle?  For this reason, we felt it was unfair to impose generic images on our candles to describe the scent.   We prefer others to evoke their own images.