About Us

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Crafted with Purpose

"When creating something, only through trial, error and dedication towards your craft can experience be gained, knowledge ascertained and methods perfected." JM

Handmaiden New York is proud to offer a variety of handcrafted products made in small batches since 2013. Quality is to quantity as handmade is to mass production.

  In addition to handcrafted products, we will also offer a variety of other products that compliment every lifestyle from chic to spiritual.


We are a husband and wife team with two wonderful sons, a German Shepherd and a Seppala Husky. We are inspired by romance and our love for candles, soaps,  the natural benefits of aromatherapy, importance of psychological well-being,  spiritual  discovery and realization. We are dog loving, family-oriented modern old souls influenced by our

cultural backgrounds.  


Our products were all originally developed to provide a more natural solution for ourselves, our children and our pets!   We hope to share the products that have positively impacted our lives and strive to help others along their road to discovery and betterment.


"Who I was, who I am and who I am yet to be has already been determined... my journey is finding out." -JM